Aliyah Hale

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Hello, I'm Aliyah Hale, currently in my senior year at Texas State University, where I'm pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media Innovation alongside a minor in Business. My focus is on securing a full-time position in either web development, social media coordination, or marketing management.

Throughout my academic journey, I've cultivated a robust skill set that seamlessly integrates design, business strategy, and social media expertise. In my design coursework, I've become proficient in creating engaging digital experiences, utilizing various design tools and methodologies to craft visually captivating content.

Complementing my design skills, my minor in Business has provided me with a solid foundation in strategic thinking and project management. I excel at analyzing market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and developing tailored strategies to meet business objectives.


Fundamentals of Digital and Oline Media

In Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media, students cover the essentials of the digital landscape, including its history, theories, and practical applications. Topics include digital content creation, marketing strategies, social media management, and legal considerations. Through hands-on experience with industry tools and case studies, students gain a comprehensive understanding of digital medias role and impact in contemporary society

Media Writing

In a Media Writing course, students learn the principles and techniques of effective writing for various media platforms. This includes traditional formats like news articles, press releases, and feature stories, as well as newer formats like web content and social media posts. Emphasis is placed on clarity, accuracy, and audience engagement, with students mastering the art of crafting compelling narratives tailored to different media outlets. Additionally, they learn how to adapt their writing style to meet the requirements of different mediums and target diverse audiences. Through practical assignments and feedback, students develop proficiency in storytelling, research, and interviewing, preparing them for careers in journalism, public relations, advertising, and digital media.


In an Advertising course, students learn the strategies and techniques for creating impactful advertisements across various platforms. They cover advertising theory, consumer behavior, market research, branding, message development, media planning, and campaign evaluation. Through case studies and projects, students develop skills in analyzing target markets, crafting persuasive messages, and selecting effective advertising channels. The course also addresses ethical considerations and the role of digital advertising. By the end, students are prepared to conceptualize, execute, and assess advertising campaigns in traditional and digital formats.

Advanced Social Media Analytics

In an "Advanced Social Media Analytics" course, students learn advanced methods for analyzing social media data to inform strategic decision-making. Topics include sentiment analysis, network analysis, predictive modeling, and using analytics tools to track key performance indicators. Through hands-on projects, students gain proficiency in extracting actionable insights to optimize content strategies and enhance brand engagement in the digital landscape.

Web Design and Publishing

In a Web Design and Publishing course, students learn how to design and build websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also explore user experience design principles and learn to create responsive and visually appealing websites. Through hands-on projects, students gain practical experience in designing and publishing websites using industry-standard tools.

Media Design

In a Media Design course, students learn to create visually compelling content for various platforms. They cover graphic design principles, typography, color theory, and software tools like Adobe Creative Suite. Through hands-on projects, students develop skills in designing effective visual content for applications in advertising, marketing, and digital media.

Social Media for Strategic Communication

In a Social Media for Strategic Communication course, students learn to use social media effectively for communication goals. They cover audience analysis, content strategy, community management, crisis communication, and analytics. Through practical exercises, students develop skills in crafting engaging content and evaluating campaign effectiveness.


Multimedia Reporting Project

MC4315-Web Design and Publishing

Final Wordpress Project

MC4315-Web Design and Publishing

Social Media and Analytics Report

MC4326-Advanced Social Media and Analytics

Research Project

MC4328-Digital Media Innovation Capstone

Final Website

MC4328-Digital Media Innovation Capstone